In the services industry the service provided determines the quality of the product. Consequently, itʼs not the number of employees which determines the success of a company, rather their ability to implement the corporate philosophy with the requisite motivation and focus on service.

The qualification and motivation and therefore also the efficiency of your staff will be enhanced in professional training units. The following questions are concentrated on here:

  • Do departments co-operate with or hinder each other?
  • Is communication between management and all staff levels goal-directed?
  • Do the employees identify with the corporate philosophy?
  • Do your employees recognise independence as an opportunity and are they proactive?
  • Do all staff levels use the correct tone on all occasions when dealing with customers and colleagues?
  • Are the employees aware of their responsibility at their workplace?
  • Are employees motivated and do they see prospects within the company?

My consulting includes concrete strategies and solution approaches for your human resources work and how to put these into practice:

  • Selecting, analysing and recruiting staff
  • Introduction and familiarisation
  • Staff loyalty
  • Further education and training
  • Process control
  • Performance appraisal and agreement on targets
  • On-the-job training, coaching and mentoring
  • Outsourcing